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Production of a Health Status Monitoring Device by AUT Researchers

 | Post date: 2020/05/8 | 
According to the AUT’s public relations, “MPAVA” group as one of the leading knowledge based companies in the field of designing and manufacturing of devices for monitoring health and condition, has come to aid the people in these crucial days of COVID19 epidemic and has unveiled Finger Pulse Oximeter under the commercial name of “PO-MED19”.
This device is able to provide useful information about heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of the user by help of data received from a person's finger.
It's important to note that using this device to diagnose or screen in quarantine projects or social distancing is even more useful than thermometer. The being that sometimes after the immune system is engaged with the virus, the disease shows symptoms like high fever or bruising, but in many cases checking the oxygen level of blood can provide more valuable information in terms of checking health statues of someone before other actions.