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Development of a Disinfecting Ozonizer Device by AUT Researchers

 | Post date: 2020/06/15 | 
In the current condition of the country and the importance of disinfecting dangerous places, "Share Faraaz Paydar" a knowledge-based company located in the technology tower of Amirkabir University of Technology under the management of Dr. Fariborz Rashidi with over ten years of experience in the area of plasma related technologies in oil, gas, petro chemistry and HSE has shifted its focus on ''Ozonizer and disinfectants'' in order to play its role in helping the country against coronavirus outbreak.
To fight this virus the company can provide different types of Ozonizers for disinfecting air, to produce ozonized water, sterile compartment, sterile tunnel (cabin) and ozone concentration display sensors. Another product of the company is the production of ozonized water which always keeps a reservoir of ozonized water ready with high disinfection capability.
The device of Ozonizer is portable and has little weight and produces oxygen from existing oxygen air without use of chemicals.
With regard to short life of ozone, this molecule is converted to oxygen once more after a short time, and does not have any side effects after disinfection. Moreover, other advantages of disinfecting with ozone are lack of its destructive effect as well as creation of speck on surfaces and clothes.