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Supporting and Pursuing Patients

 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
Dr. Bahar Mazandarani, the CEO of Behzi, a science-based company which provides training services for patients, communications with physicians, and follow-up treatments stated: Behzi attempts to present the services of training, supporting, and monitoring of the patients to the treatment staff in an integrated way.
She explained that the current process is such that the physicians and therapists consign their patients to Behzi after visiting them in order to have more effective and sustainable treatments this way. She also explained that: this way, the patients receive trainings correspondent to their diseases; trainings which were not accessible at the times of visits. Through collecting and refining data reported by the patients, Behzi evaluates their lifestyles during the convalescence and treatment periods, and through training, reminding, and presenting the important points, it accelerates the treatment route.
Mazandarani stated: this system has cooperated with some clinics and research institutes at Tehran, Iran, Shahid Beheshti, Shiraz, and Yazd Universities of Medical Sciences in the frameworks of research plans and therapeutic services during the past two years. Among the referred patients, 39 percent were male and 61 percent were female, and they were from Iran, U.S., Japan and Syria.
Those who are interested can refer to the website https://behzee.com for more information.