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Realized by AUT Researchers; Modelling the Arm Bone to Facilitate Its Surgery and Reduce Medical Error

 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
As the public relations of Amirkabir University of Technology has reported, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Abbasi Komaleh, an MSc graduate in Biomechanic-biomedical engineering and executer of the “Modelling the stabilization of the proximal fracture of arm by bolts and plates in surgical operations” project stated: our methodology in this project was through software modelling using the medical data.
By explaining that the fracture in the bone is not standard and may have different shapes and angles, this AUT graduate stated: “by modelling different surgical conditions, some databases are created on which a physician may conduct the stabilization of the fracture using the points obtained from the modellings carried out in similar fractures.”  
We simulate the modelling using a healthy person’s CT scan. Then, we obtain a 3D model using a software and the stabilization of the fracture with different conditions is analyzed by applying similar conditions in the body.
This project was carried under the supervision of Dr. Seyyed Ataollah Hashemi, faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology.