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AUT Researchers: Production of Films from Silk Proteins for Making Bandages

 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
Leila Hasani, a textile engineering MSc student, carry out a project in which medical products such as Band-Aids are produced using the film obtained from silk proteins. This product is compatible with skin and help the healing process.
Mrs. Hassani stated: silk proteins are compatible with the environment and today, the eco-friendly materials are very much in demand due to their incomparable physical and chemical properties and their high potential in the area of drugs, Scaffolding for tissue engineering and other biological applications.
This researcher noted that the film obtained from silk proteins may be an appropriate choice as a bandage for curing the injuries, tissue engineering and biomedical applications. Our method has been to extract the protein from silk using a “fibroin” solvent and using distilled water to extract “sericin”.
By explaining that our research has represented that the effectiveness of these films is influential on the healing process, she stated that: this project has to be researched and examined on different injuries in order for the product to achieve mass production.