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The Research Deputy of the University Announced the Establishment of Skill and Employment Club in Amirkabir University of Technology.

 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
'' Creating Short-Term Sabbaticals''
Dr. Hussein Husseini Tudeshki said, '' short-term sabbaticals for AUT faculty and staff has started from two years ago and will be implemented this summer, too. 96 members in 2017 and 18 members in 2018 were sent for these sabbaticals and this year, 15 members have been selected to participate in it''.                                     
He emphasized, “Another plan of the university is to get international indexes for its journals because this will increase the international validity of the university''.                                                                                                                          '' Planning for Improvement of Industrial Projects of the University''
Dr. Hussein Tudeshki said, ''In the last year, two large industrial projects with high income were planned for in the university and now, they have reached their contracts''.
Expressing that the areas of ''water, environment, energy, health, security, convergent research, information technology and smartization '' are considered as priorities in Amirkabir University of Technology; he added, ''our plan is to strengthen the research and technology activities of the university in these areas through special advocates and creation of new infrastructures. Accordingly, at least ten designs in these areas which lead to creation of a large industrial project are supported in the current year''.                             
''Holding Common Meetings with Industry''
Dr Hussein Tudeshki expressed, ''five meetings of industries were held with the presence of faculty members active in mining, communications and software, automotive, food industries and detergent industries last year. Holding these meetings led to creation of advisory boards between the university and industry, establishment of research and development offices as well as emergence of new startups. This process will be followed this year as well. With the implementation of the project, 8500 meters will be added to the space of innovation centers of the university''.                                                                                                                                     
Dr. Hussein Tudeshki expressed, ''right now, over 225 technology units and knowledge-based companies are settled in the complexes of innovation centers and technology towers of the university.                                                                                                               
'' Setting up Five Specialized Innovation Center in Colleges''
The research and technology deputy of AUT said, '' 4 research and development offices of different companies are working in the college of computer engineering right now. The Alibaba Research and Development Center, Qoqnoos (Phoenix) Company, Tusen Tekno Company and Laboratory Services of Financial Technologies of Ertebat Farda Company are the examples of these centers. A specialized innovation center in the area of energy is established on the second floor of petroleum engineering department focusing on oil and gas, but its opening has been delayed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Moreover, an innovation specialized center in areas of oil and gas is established in Mahshahr campus under the advocacy of scientific and technological deputyship of presidency ''.                                                                                                       
'' Setting up a Center of Commercialization Services and Innovation''
The activities of this center include commercialization of projects in the university, finding an investor, consultant training, patent registration as well as transfer of technology and fund of university's research and technology.                                                                                                      
 He added, ''the research and technology deputy of the university is the executor of creating skill and employment club where courses of supplementary skills training are held. Courses concerning club of skill and employment have been defined, and a website has been created for it. Registration has started for the first course, and 500 university students and graduates have registered for three courses.                                                                                    
'' Promoting Position of Amirkabir University of Technology in International Rankings''
AUT’s international rankings has increased, ''19 professors in this university were in the top one percent of international scientists last year. The number of articles with foreign collaborators has increased up to 30% in last two years''.