Department History

 | Post date: 2020/12/22 | 
Department of Maritime Engineering was founded in September 1986 with the aim of training the required specialized human resources for marine industries. Until September 1995, only B.Sc. degree program was offered in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The initial mission of the department was to provide students with real-world experience in various aspects of the marine engineering. Later, in September 1995, two M.Sc. degree programs namely “Hydromechanics and Propulsion Systems Engineering” and “Marine Structures and Manufacturing Engineering” were inaugurated. Subsequently, in September 2006, the department started its Ph.D. program and 5 Ph.D. students were admitted. The educational and research activities of the department are conducted by 14 academic members. Currently, more than 1000 students have graduated from this department and there are about 400 active students in the department. So far, the department has been able to have considerable contributions to the national and international scientific communities and has significantly increased the specialized human resources majoring in Maritime Engineering.
Department of Maritime Engineering has its base in an area of 2200 square meters in Amirkabir University of Technology campus. In addition to the department building, there are also five classrooms and computer site in Abu-Reyhan building that are part of the department.
- Conducting industrial as well as cutting-edge research towards national interest
- Training and providing the necessary human resources for the national industrial needs
- Finding solutions for the national industrial demands and problems
- Setting up short term courses required for the national marine industry and offering international and professional certificates
- Development of new courses of marine sciences in order to fulfill the industrial demands
- Initiation in applied and interdisciplinary courses relating to marine technologies and sciences
- Promoting strategic co-operations through joint ventures with other faculties and marine industries (locally, regionally, and globally)

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