Laboratory of Structure and Composites

 | Post date: 2020/12/23 | 
Laboratory of Structure and Composites of the Department of Maritime Engineering was set up in 2007 to manufacture research samples of various types of composite laminates and sandwiches. In this workshop, standard methods such as vacuum infusion process are used to make samples from woven fabrics of glass, carbon and aramid fibers, combined with polyester and epoxy resins. In addition to making samples for doctoral, graduate and undergraduate projects, industrial research projects such as design and manufacture of a pair of semi-submerged composite propellers with an external diameter of 72 cm for 20-ton high-speed vessels have been done. In the composite laboratory, specimens are tested in quasi-static as well as fatigue and transient creep and relaxation tests under various types of tensile, compressive, shear, flexural and buckling loads.
 Dr. Mehdi Saeed Kiasat


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